This is the first episode of the new sitcom aimed at teenagers, that is acted and produced by young talented group of people.

Xpress Yourself Series 01 Episode 01 - "New Beginnings"-0

Xpress Yourself Series 01 Episode 01 - "New Beginnings"-0



Katy Arrives at the Art Centre for he first lesson and in her enthusiasm ends up crashing into Lady Lavender, the eccentric owner of the Centre. After stern words of warning Lady Lavender leaves leaving Katy with Liam. Arthur appears looking for students. Arthur leaves and bumps into Terry who is arriving to take his fitness class. Katy becomes an admirer of Terry with his physical prowess.

Billy and Jodie talk in the corridor by the Notice board. They discuss about Billy's family background. Lady Lavender pushes passed them and introduces them to Karliah, who is about to speak but is interrupted at the last second and never speaks again.

Lady Lavender interrupts Arthur's class to promote her Charity walk in March to raise money for Cash for Kittens. She leaves the leaflets with Arthur and departs. Arthur carries on with his class.

Andrew and Orlando talk about a job interview that Andrew had applied. It sounds promising. A beef processing plant for a food company.

Jodie tries to remind Katy that Mother's day is coming up but is in despair at Katy's lack of world awareness.

Liam comes down from the Booth and calls Andrew up to help leaving Orlando on his own. Terry pounces on Orlando and talks about finding girls and talks about social websites. Orlando makes a note and then goes to find Andrew and Liam upstairs in the Booth. They talk about Liam Pi T-shirt.

Liam needs parts so he goes down to the store cupboard and thinks he hears music. He meets a lad who is trying to play the guitar in private. A shy character. As they talk they are disturbed by a sinister Hannibal Lecteresque character. He returns, a little disturbed. He askes about if anybody else had seen a cleaner in the building.

At the end of the drama lesson Karliah arrives and invites everybody down stairs to the grand opening of the new coffee shop "Xpress Yourself".

After the opening party everybody leaves and we see the Mop Guy sorting the place out and in the background we hear the rejection phone call message for Andrew about his Meat processing company application.






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